Erotic Lusts

A touch of skin so soft and slippery
With the sound of moans resolves the mystery
We explored our curiosity beneath the sheets
As the desires continue to flow from underneath
Our eyes meet briefly as they beg for more
To not abandon you and proceed to explore
Every inch of your bod
Starting from your lips and I feel you start to throb
From touching your lips
Working my way to your hips
Exploring each other gently while the desire for you grows stronger
With the signs of what’s to come I can’t wait any longer
You thrust me on top of you
Penetration so wet I so want you to
Pull me deeper within you
Our pace starts to hasten but we’re not through
From deep within me, I long for this bliss
Then our heated tongues meet in the midst
As a gasp broke the kiss
Not to be remiss
Of our hot and quickening breath
We dare not stop for a rest
And spoil this moment of being intoxicated with lust
Desire, has no hiding place with every thrust
You moved me atop of you again so easily
And lowered me ever so gently
Our slow rhythm gave way
To urgent and demanding thrusts of passion as I say
I love you..
I love you…
Oh God! I love you!
Your hands stroked my hands
In oblivion I find myself again
As I arched my body for your comfort
And my body throbs in ecstasy as a last resort
Our skin meshed with skin
We have two glistening bodies and a grin

As you whispered my name

T-Baby, I love you!

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