Deep Surrender

You grabbed my hips and pulled me to you hard. I completely surrendered and arched my back while you continued to pull me up against you. I felt the build up in your pants and push away while keeping ahold of your ass.

I’m going to fuck you is what you said to me. I said no you aren’t… you’re going to make love to me. I couldn’t believe how easily that flowed from my lips all the while, I tried denying the undeniable feelings we have for each other.

Our bodies unable to hide the desire, the rippling in your pants shows your pronounced desire, exploding erection. It felt like heaven as it touched me. I gasped and you slid into me. My muscles tightened around your cock as you

gripped me in extreme pleasure. You thrust faster and harder and with every thrust I respond. I move faster and faster to match your motions, I moan as you thrust. I let loose my hot juices all over your hard cock. Just as I released my

pleasure, you could no longer contain yourself. You released your cum, and exhaled in pleasure because we just shared the most passion filled hot moment ever.

Our love is forever lasting


She approaches
to give one long
passionate kiss
led by stroking of her body
but not her nips
only the prolong wanting
of my touch
followed by my thrusts

As long as it is with “T”
The only one I am to be
in commitment to share
our true expression
sends my heart
into compression

To think of her
longing to be with her
to touch her
grab her
caress her

By the fireplace we twirl
I touch her
stroke her

As we lay
in front of the fire
The glistening
of the fire
as I close my eyes
I imagine being deep
deep in her wet pussy

I call out
as I thrust
and call out her name
her pussy just
just envelopes my cock

Oh my God
What did I do to deserve
this desirable, pleasurable moment

He says, I love this woman
She says, I love this man

I love this man with
my body
and spirit

He loves, loves, loves
making love to me
I love, love, love
making love to him
It’s Cosmic


In the brightness of the sun,
You look at me and say that I am the one.
You give me wings so I can fly,
Because I soar when you’re nearby.
I’ve been a prisoner far too long you see.
Break my boundage chains and set me free,
Strip my armor, as it was oh so tight,
I won’t dare put up a fight.
You take my heart and break down the wall,
I’m ready to watch them fall.
To release my soul held deep within ,
I’m ready now so let love begin.
Exploration shared and a new
Just like a dream come true
A thought so soft and tender.
Your gasp is like sweet surrender
My whispers are the result of desire
With passiosn fueling the fire
No promises to be kept
Don’t look back or have regret
Our longing to hold each other
Due to our commitment to one another
No words are to be spoken between us
Knowing, no muss no fuss
A release from passion’s flame
There’s not a brief moment of shame
Because of such precious little time we share
While we’re together never a care
No lies being told tonight
With the memory of this beautiful special night
Being lonely is the only crime
I will cherish each moment as our special time
Time moves on and bring sorrow comes
After our time together is over I will be left lonesome

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Every sleek inch of my body visible beneath black lingerie
Desires of breakfast as a dessert after a glass of orange juice
Yuummm I look sultry and delicious
He spralled me across the table and said I want you now
My eyes glistening as his tongue strokes my neck and down across my nipples
I exhale!
I spread my thighs
His hands explore my clit
He finds my rose
My clit throbs and my mouth becomes moist
He touches my entire silhouette with his finger tips
Then with his tongue and finally his lips
I push myself against him and begin
to rise as a way to let him know I’m ready
I want him inside my kitty
Explore my pleasure, explore my passion
Eat my core
Love this kitty
Oooh I want you

To You, My Unrequited Love

Hey you… Yes, you
We were good as morning dew
It had been said that our love will never be over
Now you are a mere observer

You want me, but not me
Not until your faults you can truly see
For you those words cannot be said
That you, were a major contributor to this dread

I am the runaway girl, but did you ever look at why
Then analyze within you, what pushed me to fly

You did not, but instead you chose to blame
Is there a status you were wishing to attain
Now I saw farewell, good luck and so long
I will move on and remain strong

Poof – One, two, and three
I am a ghost to you as you are now to me

I feel lighter than what I felt in a long time
Tailoring my words, just to be kind

No more allowing you to chisel away at my goals, desires and dreams
Because they are far reaching than you were able to see
May God send you a love that matches yours
Endless love so there will be no remorse

For nothing I want more, than your eternal happiness

Bye my requited love

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Erotic Lusts

A touch of skin so soft and slippery
With the sound of moans resolves the mystery
We explored our curiosity beneath the sheets
As the desires continue to flow from underneath
Our eyes meet briefly as they beg for more
To not abandon you and proceed to explore
Every inch of your bod
Starting from your lips and I feel you start to throb
From touching your lips
Working my way to your hips
Exploring each other gently while the desire for you grows stronger
With the signs of what’s to come I can’t wait any longer
You thrust me on top of you
Penetration so wet I so want you to
Pull me deeper within you
Our pace starts to hasten but we’re not through
From deep within me, I long for this bliss
Then our heated tongues meet in the midst
As a gasp broke the kiss
Not to be remiss
Of our hot and quickening breath
We dare not stop for a rest
And spoil this moment of being intoxicated with lust
Desire, has no hiding place with every thrust
You moved me atop of you again so easily
And lowered me ever so gently
Our slow rhythm gave way
To urgent and demanding thrusts of passion as I say
I love you..
I love you…
Oh God! I love you!
Your hands stroked my hands
In oblivion I find myself again
As I arched my body for your comfort
And my body throbs in ecstasy as a last resort
Our skin meshed with skin
We have two glistening bodies and a grin

As you whispered my name

T-Baby, I love you!

Wake Up Call

He kisses me softly all through the night
He touches me gently all through the night
There is no need to set the alarm
He is my wakeup call
The pleasure of it all is the thought of
of waking up with him

As the morning sun rises and the darkness fades away
I reach over and he quickly rises
I feel his warm body, and strong cock
and I press my breast against his backside

I blow my hot breath and with each stroke his passion flows
I rub his shoulders and slowly move down his back
Squeeze your balls and around to his ass
I touch and gently say I love you as I slide my hand around to your chest
and move my body closer to yours
As I do, you push your body back against me

When you do, my nipples become erect
As he turns to touch me, my nipples stengthen
and my pussy starts to quiver
Longing for your touch

You grab me, and wrap my legs around yours
Pull me to you as your tongue flickers around my nipples
Your cock is already pulsating and quite strong

Just the moment I have been waiting for
My lips and tongue stroking up and down his back
around to his cock

I suck, stroke, caress, and touch you all over as my lips are sucking on your back
your hand are now turning me around as you slide down to my sweet spot
The sensation of it all turns me on and runs through every inch of my body

Your tongue and fingers start dancing on my clit
roaming in and out and around my pussy
Steamy love making exudes us as the sunlight peeks through the window

Good morning Superman! I love you…