I guide her delicate hands
as she followed demands
Her soft smooth lips
trail a path to my hips
Moans of sweet pleasure
were theirs to treasure
While passion soared
as curves were explored
Fingertips worked slow
in the well below
As her body rocks
he pulled my golden locks
And with a quick smack,
I arch my back
Nails digging the skin
she allows him in
As his raging fire
throbs with pure desire
Whispers becomes cries
as he parts my thighs
And he starts sucking
while she starts bucking
His lips teasing quick
with a heated lick
Eyes filling with lust,
they no longer trust
Their hands to behave
in my warm damp cave
As fingertips play
and luscious hips sway
Each lover in heat
strips bed of its sheet
Entwining in sweat
to never forget…
He must always obey…
during foreplay
Now he’s on his knees
because she loves to tease
And out comes the chains
as she tightens the reigns
Whip brushes right hip,
she bites on his lip
He moans “oh God”
as her mouth fits his rod
Taking him from base,
to thick tip, quick pace
Arousal’s right there
and he can just stare
At the up and down
of her mouth on crown
Licking her moist lips
he gyrates his hips
Passion quickly spills,
her mouth overfills…
She swallows with smile
then rides for awhile

Complete Ecstasy

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