Feel the Heat!

While getting close to evening
The obstruction of sunlight dare not intrude
I see the night time stars in your eyes
As the darkness sets up the mood

My favorite song playing soft and low
As romance fills the air
I can’t help but feel aroused
Without a single care

You submit to my embrace
While candles flicker and I see your face
I smell your body and as I call you name
Seems to drive you insane

As I look into your eyes
My body feel so alive
With every touch my body quivers
Expecting passion to be delivered

As you answer with a sigh
You hands move up my thigh
My body explodes and comes alive
Incredible ecstasy is what we strive

Your the heat of my desire
As we slowly begin to undress
You start to lay me down
My breast you begin to caress

When our lips touch and we kiss
The taste of them I can’t resist
You give me so much pleasure
The depth I’m unable to measure

Us in each others arms
Safe and secure, no cause for alarm
To this love that we aspire
Through the heat of our desire

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