Love is still here

Even when you think NO not here
You run, but it is still near
You try so hard to clear
your mind, because you don’t want it to be
No doubt, it is not something so easy
to shake because I don’t want it you see
that you love him

Where do you run? How can you hide from love?
Is there a place where it will not evolve
Fight the feelings, emotions, you can do it
That song comes on and it’s ca-put
I always think of him when that damn song plays

You scream, because what to come to mind is his face
How do you erase
the memory of the good times
I don’t want to, I thank you for those prime
ideals and ways to be treated
Giving my body the things that it needed

The pulsation, quivers, and tingling that happens
when I talk to you
The thought of loosing that makes my face saddens
How could this be, that I did it again
Committment phobia on the loose
Someone need to harness this caboose

Maybe then I will stop and stay put
I don’t know from the way it looks
Has she learned her lesson, and face her fears
We know that the thought of vulnerability bring her to tears

So many good men I’ve loved and lost
Wake up and realize the cost
You dominate my thoughts
How to make it stop

Too late you’re there…
forever ingrained and packaged with care
What do I do
Do I call and say I love you

Or do I say it was nice while it lasted
And question if it will ever happen

I enjoyed your voice, your company, your smile
and looking into your eyes

Love is not a game, Love is still here!

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