When the End is Near!

How do we know when the end is near?
Is it when our heart is full of fear?
And why is there so much fear?
Because our heart we don’t want to tear?

Is it a fear of not succeeding?
When I think of that my heart start bleeding.
That happens because you think you failed,
But why does it have to be you to have that title held.

Did you give your all?
Then don’t look at it as a fall.
Were you honest and true?
And if so then those feelings are not about you!

I did my best
I’m sure better than the rest
This wasn’t a test
We just didn’t mesh.

But the sooner we see that and let go
Out internal strength will surely grow

And move on and become better and stronger than before
Once we love ourselves truly then love will adorn

Love will find you; you don’t have to look for it,
Your heart will know it’ll be a sure fit
So relax and let go
Leave your heart open so it can grow.

Be true to you!!!! Be true to LOVE!!!

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