Who is “Scott”?

Scott was strength?

What determines ones strength? Is it perseverance, Determination?

Could it be the lack of indignation?

Some of us possess that trait,

No signs within him that displays hate.

Scott was an inspiration; Scott was so full of jubilation?

For me he was definitely adoration.

If you knew Scott, even if you’d just met him, didn’t matter, it was open season,

He would crack jokes on you for no reason.

Scott definitely possessed a gift that is indescribable,

But not in a way that’s suicidal.

I often reflect back to when he and I first met,

We’d have wrestling matches, guess who would win; care to make a bet?

Then we’d have what’s called joaning matches between he and I,

I was good, but that was short lived; I wonder why?

He rose to every challenge in life,

Determined to marry the woman he loved and make her his wife.


This man had it all, and when she accepted he was so full of elation.

I’ve come to understand that Scott has served his purpose in this lifetime,

That GOD has set aside something new for him; a different climb.

Scott I miss you, Scott I miss your humor, your DJ skills and especially the wrestling matches;

Maybe the next go round, next lifetime. I won’t have anyone call for emergency dispatches.

I love you Scott!!!!


You are/were truly STRENGTH

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