I’m in a constant state of erotica
Or would you call it lustottica
My clit, tongue, heart all begin to throb
As I’m reaching for that damn doorknob

Trying to rip off your clothes
Running my tongue down your earlobes
Kissing and biting you all over your body
Oh yeah, yeah my comrade

Pleasure so unimaginable you scream “OOHH SHIT”
“Don’t stop, don’t stop that is so fucking passionate”!!!!
In my mind we’ve just reached that point of penetration
Then orgasmic celebration

Just then orgasmic celebration is put on hold
No,we’re not done, oohh nooo
My legs wrap around your body squeezing your dick
As you pleasure my clit

Absolute and total satisfaction is what I plan to deliver
Where our body convulse shake and shiver
Then dare we say our work here is done
Such strong sexual chemistry from a man and woman

Hours and hours have gone by
And we imagine how, even why
Two people that have such compatibility
Share the same sexual ability

Then our bodies fall into such relaxation
Our heart beating fast palpitations
As we hold each other close and kiss
every so gently
On the lips, ear and sleep sets in finally


Yeah that’s erotica

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