Nighttime Desire

As the moon sparkles, glitters and gleams
As we look at it from different directions everywhere,
the moment was non existent like a lake that glows in the night light;
so serene within the night air.
Darkness circles your body as the light brings brightness to the silhouette of your face,My eyes look into your cat like eyes,
Glaring into them and as you close them,
yet I have not a trace.

Though the night skies is filled with the scent of Jasmine Vanilla and fully encompasses the air of every light breeze,
The feelings that loom in the night air were evident,
So intensely strong and the desire to express them is more than a tease.
As I look at you and breathe the same breathes that you breathe,
Who needs clothes; my body is radiating enough heat.
I’m so hot that I need, want, and long for you to put my body at ease,

My eyes, my mind is saying; TOUCH ME! GRAB ME! HUG ME! GRIP ME! KISS ME! I finally said; Ss we leaned towards each other with our lips longing as they spread,
My hands stroked his face and his hair as I placed them around his head.
Our lips finally touched and the passion we share is unleashed;
My tongue explores his tongue and the back of his mouth shallow and deep,

Exploration of each others bodies, as passion filled expressions start to seep.
Each kiss we kissed was like the “soul of a deep lingering kiss,”Our longing for each other was suppressed which kindled fires of bliss. They were finally unleashed.
And my mind started wandering, as did my hands,
To his dick, my hands couldn’t resist as there you stand.
Looking so incredibly handsome, hot, and so full of desire,
My body answered your call as I submit to you dear sire.
Your dick is so hard, firm, quite strong and feeling very, very hot,
As I stroke my hands on your dick to feel the heat and watch your passion ooze out.

I only want to please you and experience unlimited parallel,
Awaiting it, will we every reach it, only time will tell?
You begin touching me, and then start sliding your hands beneath my skirt working your way to my panties; as it’s just you and I alone in the moonlight,
Tantalizing my clitoris as my pussy gets wet and my lips can only form the words “Oh Yeah”, Oh Yeah”, is what I sigh.

The moonlight skies as bright as they are, are starting to appear so cloudy because of the thoughts running through my mind,
My mind is saying DAMNIT inside, inside now, OH MY GOD; take me from behind.
I’m longing to have you thrust yourself inside of me, and taste the sweet essence of my pussy,
My pussy surrounding your dick and you’re a pro at this not inexperienced and clumsy.
Yes, you are definitely a pro; my pussy is your pussy and has your name on it, for you know just what to do to bring me to ecstasy,
Once ecstasy is close and that passion has been released, we make love just as we do in my fantasy.

Liquid, oo, I climaxed; it’s squirting and seeping from my pussy as my pleasure is tossed about,
We fall to the ground and explore each other non-stop.
Our electricity is revealed as our bodies’ grind each other abound,
Though so much passion it looks like a caustic fire with circles around.
Love making so intense, hot and beyond our wildest dreams,
We pause, exhale and look into each other eyes and gleam,
Because unlimited pleasure is inevitable it seems.

Around your neck as my hands proceeded to stroke your black hair,
My favorite body fragrance arouses his senses and it lingers in the air.
Your hands rubs and caresses my nipples surround,
As you then place your lips on them and swirl your tongue around.
My tits are awaiting pleasure destined to be laid upon, breathing and kissing them as ecstasy is spawn.

Anxiousness arose from my heart where my love dares hides, I lay still because I want for you to explore with your hands; my lips, my clitoris and eventually your tongue will glide inside.
And make me so wet no matter where you touch,
My skirt is now around my ankles what luck.
Into a flower garden, your fingers has just slipped, those soft fingers spread wide my labial lips
With my legs sprawled wide, my guys’ soft fingers working my slippery pussy streaming deep inside.

Before I hit that point where I explore and orgasm is expounded,
I pleasure him by kissing, swallowing his dick and with stroking his dick compounded.
Compounded with the added delight of me stroking his balls and running my tongue across the tip of his dick,
“Oh My GOD” is all that he can mutter, and he can no longer resist.

Just then he takes me and thrust himself inside of me as he screams in pleasure how wonderful I feel to him and how he can no longer wait,
I love it when he talks that way; “OH BABY, YES BABY, LIKE THAT BABY”, especially when our bodies gravitate and gyrate.

With love filled in our eyes, heart, and the essence of me wanting him as he’s grasping my bosom and expressing pleasure as the semen trickled down my thighs,
Wondering if anyone were aware of our; fulfillment, enjoyment, and exploration of each other under the nighttime skies.
As our body fluids drains,
And empties what remains of our brains.

Followed by a state of obscurity as our bodies glowed,
While our brains try to calm, as our nervous relaxation flowed.
Our fingers, toes, tingled with delight,
As with our lips each other lips we clasped in a long lingering bite.

Glistening is a satiny sheen on his dick,
glittering from my silky essence of love upon his creamy stick.
As we lay in a meadow of flowers adoring the night time glow, under the moonlight the smell of Jasmine Vanilla is still a flow.
I take his hand and bring it to my lips,
and lay upon it a soft and gentle kiss.
I have gone from reality to the most intimate and pleasurable experience,
I can say “Thank GOD, that I met his acquaintance.”
As we exhaustingly lay up under the nighttime sky,
Reflecting about our amazing love making experience while we gaze into each others eyes.
Reaffirming how we feel for each other,
This makes it more special and brings us closer
As I lean over to kiss him, this experience could’ve gone on for definitely more than an hour,
He took my hands and kissed my lips and said to me “that I was his precious flower.”

Still glistening from his pleasure I smile and replied,
Which flower, the flower of my lips inside?
He replied “does it matter and added the lip of a flower is just a lip”
As long as I can expose them with a kiss,
And suck from them the honey-sweet scented essence.The sweet fragrant essence that is the soul of you and is resolved in my mind,
You are the one for me and THANK YOU GOD; MAN what a find.

My Night-Time Desires

Fantasy or Reality?

© Copyright 2003Tawanda Miller

All Rights Reserved

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