I keep my head up high
and then you came walking by

From all the hurts in my lifetime
And the pain if very much alive

Pain because of you is now gone away
I have a new love and I will not keep him at bay

I see a future with him and me
A safe haven in his arms is what I see

Now I give my heart to thee
Forever for keeps is how it is to be


I guide her delicate hands
as she followed demands
Her soft smooth lips
trail a path to my hips
Moans of sweet pleasure
were theirs to treasure
While passion soared
as curves were explored
Fingertips worked slow
in the well below
As her body rocks
he pulled my golden locks
And with a quick smack,
I arch my back
Nails digging the skin
she allows him in
As his raging fire
throbs with pure desire
Whispers becomes cries
as he parts my thighs
And he starts sucking
while she starts bucking
His lips teasing quick
with a heated lick
Eyes filling with lust,
they no longer trust
Their hands to behave
in my warm damp cave
As fingertips play
and luscious hips sway
Each lover in heat
strips bed of its sheet
Entwining in sweat
to never forget…
He must always obey…
during foreplay
Now he’s on his knees
because she loves to tease
And out comes the chains
as she tightens the reigns
Whip brushes right hip,
she bites on his lip
He moans “oh God”
as her mouth fits his rod
Taking him from base,
to thick tip, quick pace
Arousal’s right there
and he can just stare
At the up and down
of her mouth on crown
Licking her moist lips
he gyrates his hips
Passion quickly spills,
her mouth overfills…
She swallows with smile
then rides for awhile

Complete Ecstasy

Feel the Heat!

While getting close to evening
The obstruction of sunlight dare not intrude
I see the night time stars in your eyes
As the darkness sets up the mood

My favorite song playing soft and low
As romance fills the air
I can’t help but feel aroused
Without a single care

You submit to my embrace
While candles flicker and I see your face
I smell your body and as I call you name
Seems to drive you insane

As I look into your eyes
My body feel so alive
With every touch my body quivers
Expecting passion to be delivered

As you answer with a sigh
You hands move up my thigh
My body explodes and comes alive
Incredible ecstasy is what we strive

Your the heat of my desire
As we slowly begin to undress
You start to lay me down
My breast you begin to caress

When our lips touch and we kiss
The taste of them I can’t resist
You give me so much pleasure
The depth I’m unable to measure

Us in each others arms
Safe and secure, no cause for alarm
To this love that we aspire
Through the heat of our desire

Love is still here

Even when you think NO not here
You run, but it is still near
You try so hard to clear
your mind, because you don’t want it to be
No doubt, it is not something so easy
to shake because I don’t want it you see
that you love him

Where do you run? How can you hide from love?
Is there a place where it will not evolve
Fight the feelings, emotions, you can do it
That song comes on and it’s ca-put
I always think of him when that damn song plays

You scream, because what to come to mind is his face
How do you erase
the memory of the good times
I don’t want to, I thank you for those prime
ideals and ways to be treated
Giving my body the things that it needed

The pulsation, quivers, and tingling that happens
when I talk to you
The thought of loosing that makes my face saddens
How could this be, that I did it again
Committment phobia on the loose
Someone need to harness this caboose

Maybe then I will stop and stay put
I don’t know from the way it looks
Has she learned her lesson, and face her fears
We know that the thought of vulnerability bring her to tears

So many good men I’ve loved and lost
Wake up and realize the cost
You dominate my thoughts
How to make it stop

Too late you’re there…
forever ingrained and packaged with care
What do I do
Do I call and say I love you

Or do I say it was nice while it lasted
And question if it will ever happen

I enjoyed your voice, your company, your smile
and looking into your eyes

Love is not a game, Love is still here!

When the End is Near!

How do we know when the end is near?
Is it when our heart is full of fear?
And why is there so much fear?
Because our heart we don’t want to tear?

Is it a fear of not succeeding?
When I think of that my heart start bleeding.
That happens because you think you failed,
But why does it have to be you to have that title held.

Did you give your all?
Then don’t look at it as a fall.
Were you honest and true?
And if so then those feelings are not about you!

I did my best
I’m sure better than the rest
This wasn’t a test
We just didn’t mesh.

But the sooner we see that and let go
Out internal strength will surely grow

And move on and become better and stronger than before
Once we love ourselves truly then love will adorn

Love will find you; you don’t have to look for it,
Your heart will know it’ll be a sure fit
So relax and let go
Leave your heart open so it can grow.

Be true to you!!!! Be true to LOVE!!!


Who is “Scott”?

Scott was strength?

What determines ones strength? Is it perseverance, Determination?

Could it be the lack of indignation?

Some of us possess that trait,

No signs within him that displays hate.

Scott was an inspiration; Scott was so full of jubilation?

For me he was definitely adoration.

If you knew Scott, even if you’d just met him, didn’t matter, it was open season,

He would crack jokes on you for no reason.

Scott definitely possessed a gift that is indescribable,

But not in a way that’s suicidal.

I often reflect back to when he and I first met,

We’d have wrestling matches, guess who would win; care to make a bet?

Then we’d have what’s called joaning matches between he and I,

I was good, but that was short lived; I wonder why?

He rose to every challenge in life,

Determined to marry the woman he loved and make her his wife.


This man had it all, and when she accepted he was so full of elation.

I’ve come to understand that Scott has served his purpose in this lifetime,

That GOD has set aside something new for him; a different climb.

Scott I miss you, Scott I miss your humor, your DJ skills and especially the wrestling matches;

Maybe the next go round, next lifetime. I won’t have anyone call for emergency dispatches.

I love you Scott!!!!


You are/were truly STRENGTH

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I’m in a constant state of erotica
Or would you call it lustottica
My clit, tongue, heart all begin to throb
As I’m reaching for that damn doorknob

Trying to rip off your clothes
Running my tongue down your earlobes
Kissing and biting you all over your body
Oh yeah, yeah my comrade

Pleasure so unimaginable you scream “OOHH SHIT”
“Don’t stop, don’t stop that is so fucking passionate”!!!!
In my mind we’ve just reached that point of penetration
Then orgasmic celebration

Just then orgasmic celebration is put on hold
No,we’re not done, oohh nooo
My legs wrap around your body squeezing your dick
As you pleasure my clit

Absolute and total satisfaction is what I plan to deliver
Where our body convulse shake and shiver
Then dare we say our work here is done
Such strong sexual chemistry from a man and woman

Hours and hours have gone by
And we imagine how, even why
Two people that have such compatibility
Share the same sexual ability

Then our bodies fall into such relaxation
Our heart beating fast palpitations
As we hold each other close and kiss
every so gently
On the lips, ear and sleep sets in finally


Yeah that’s erotica