Angelic Passion

Passion is in the air, what is ruling this moment
The longing for passion moves into existence
That sense has aroused my desire
His eyes are mesmerized and captivated while watching my movement
So sensual, rotating slowly to curvy motions in and out
Ecstasy and desire is looming in a tantalizing wave…RUSH

My sumptuous round breasts, dance in a hypnotic beat
Swaying back and forth, going faster and faster
My hips are moving with a deep and rhythmic motion
The trembling of my thighs as they rotate in a circle
Squeezing in vivacious sensations; OOOOOO!!!
Sending small quivers throughout our bodies
As the feel of me riding on your flesh
More pleasurable by the quiet sighs of pleasure

Livid visual moans as the seduction continues
My mind which reels in vibrant ecstatic eroticism
Gliding inside the tautness of velvet walls
Being on top I controls the flow of the tempo,
Rolling hips I am in control of how fast, how slow,
How hard, this is mine
We will cum together with the thrusts
that will be our meeting place

Faster is the pace of my hips
Rapidly sliding in and out of my velvet
Feeling the forth coming orgasmic release
Our pace quickens, deeper, and deeper
Holding me tighter the velvet walls tug and pull
On the arching of his rising stiffness
I cry out to trust harder now
Faster as our bodies surges
Emotional rapture in rigid bliss
Tangled as one loving, touching, kissing
Falling into quiet dreaming enraptured

Sensual tender touching with arousal
Gentle vibrancy of love is evident

Heart racing and trembling with excitement
Through my hands, to my toes are filled with passion
This action has freed my being

You are there watching the pleasures
Wishing to seal the deal again
Naughty is within me now
I can’t seems to change

Then within a blink I find a way
to fill the wild visions of being with you again

Damn it’s all good, my mind is lost
and my body starts to sway
Exhaustion is the cost
when my mind and body wants to play

With a smile upon my face as I strip these things
and I’m again ready for foreplay

Your angel is a devil this night
so I can act out my personal fantasies
Tonight I fall deeper in love with you
so we can fulfill each others needs

It has been 8 hours already you see
of wild erotically pleasure
I’m on top and then you’ll grind me
and we will set the bed aflame

Then when the night kisses the morning sun
I shall gather myself and convert back to my angelic self
Dusting off the images of the night
Gently place a kiss on your forehead

Until next time
Don’t tell a soul that I can be a devil in disguise

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