“Why Are These Feelings Here”

“Why Are These Feelings Here?”

Why are these feelings here?
Even when you are no where near.
I can see your face in every place,
which starts my heart to race.

Do I scare you or make you want to run away; thinking back to
the last time we did meet,
I started out by telling you how you make me feel whole and even complete.

What was love that I once saw has faded from your eyes,
now all I hear is your little white lies and still I become more paralyzed.

When I think of your touch,
I question why do I love you so much?
With loving you so deeply you’ve taken my heart,
I have loved you right from the very start.

Why is it me always waiting for you?
Hoping and trying to make all of our dreams come true.

Instead of seeing what you really are,
my love hangs on because we have come this far.
Yet I know deep down it must end this way; even when my feelings for you are so true
what a shame I am to had to fall in love with you.

My Ending, my closure

Thank you!!! I’m finally free,
I now have the closure that I needed.

I definitely know that I’m no longer in love with you…

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