Why are these feelings here?
Even when you are never near
I can see your face in every place
When I do my heart begins to race

I think of your touch
Why do I long for it so much?
Me making love to you so deeply
the thought of that “Is it soon to be reality”?

My heart goes pitter-patter,
Then I say no don’t stop do it faster, faster
I’m almost there, I’m almost there…..
I throw out my arms and pull my hair
Then my body slumps and fall in to such relaxation
My heart beating fast palpitations

I kiss you ohhh so deeply and passionately
What a fantasy
Will this dream become fruition?
Or is it considered women’s intuition?

I hope so I want to believe it is
Then I know it will happen
I can plan for that day and no longer
be sadden

The distance for us is tough, but so much more erotic
The thoughts I have of you, my body is what I fondle,
In my mind you’re touching, caressing, kissing, and last penetration
Then from exhaustion in your arms I am cradled.

Do I scare you make you want to run away?
These are words that will make one say “hey”
Slow down I’m not ready for this
All I want to do now is kiss
And maybe do a little more
But if you continue to talk like that I’m out the door

OK hold on, I’ll stop, but listen and take heed
I’m just a passionate person trying to espied
What is all bottled up inside
I love expressing it why should I hide
This talent I have and love to share
To let people know how much I care

I’m truly a sensitive and sensual woman
With a lot of lust in her eyes
Just one gaze and you’re forever paralyzed

You’re mine and there’s no escaping
The passion that has just been revaluating

Through my mind and through my body, down my spine
and up to the top my thighs
Boy I’m wet, oh so wet
This dream I surely won’t forget

Come on daddy show me who’s boss
Smack my ass; make me scream “oh Lord”

Do you long for me as I long for you?
Hoping to make all of our dreams come true

Finally seeing how you really are
My lust hangs on because we have come this far
Even when my feelings for you are so true
I don’t feel a shame to have fallen for you


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