Looking outside, darkness hung like a black shroud,
Each snowflake falling to earth like a fluffy cloud.
As a crackled glass pattern formed on the window,
The candle light behind made it look like the diamond of a widow.
The fireplace roaring in the background of a warmly heated room,
Vapors of wood and the romantic light is all that loom.
The scent of jasmine vanilla combined with your favorite incense and our favorite songs playing definitely makes my mind reel.
As our silhouettes dance over portraits on the walls, and our passion is revealed.
You slowly caressing my every curve
Up and down round and round, trying not to loose my nerve
Because of your touch making me so hot and oh so wet
Kiss on the lips around my breast on down to my clit
In perfect symmetry, every kiss, every touch happening at the right moment
Wanting to scream, thrust you inside of me, but no I want for the development
Although oh so tough to do, with you touching me the way you do
I’m creamy between the thighs, and wet inside like morning dew
Waiting for the right opportunity for our bodies to mesh together
Loving each other, pleasing each other with kisses that are as light as a feather
You slowly moving your hands all over my body, touching and squeezing me
in the right way
My mind wondering where your hands will go next and I surely find out and surely scream out HEY!!!
Because I’m so full of passion and I just want you to take me and take me right now
I long to have you inside me thrusting slow, then hard, unlock the box you know how
You have the key to the box that will unleash my ecstasy
You have permission to explore all the content inside my box of “Fantasy”
Oh yeah is all that I can muster
My face is definitely flustered
Passion filled, and so full of love for you
The way you make me feel woo
It’s the emotional, sensual, intimate connection we have with each other
Melting deep into your eyes like a pool of water
Lost in your eyes as deep, grayish brown, and glowing as a scented warm pool.
Panting, my fingers with your fingers, playing upon my moist cunt lips, the hood of my clit curled back.
A million candle flames is what I envision because I’m so full of passion waiting for you to attack.
The warm current of fire radiating from my heated womb,
That flows over my pussy and ascended up my limbs because you made me bloom
The mirror reflected my gaping pussy in all its moist glory, my pink labial lips looking like a petal of a rose.
My sprawled legs tensed as they quiver because my pouting pussy lips is wanting you close

Great waves of ecstasy rushed through my every limb and my mind experienced a dazzling white light which I could never measure
From my flower petal like lips out rushed great sighs adding all kinds of complementary words describing my pleasure
Reclining as I slump and relax in the comfort of my thighs glistening over you on the floor
Swooning as I fell back and kiss those eyes that I so adore

That’s Passion, That’s Romance

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