Missing You

Your touch I miss the most of all
gentle, calming nerves enthrall
now when I try to pull you near
whisper “I love you” in your ear
my arms draw air, empty embrace
as molten tears sear down my face
gentle words I speak to you
of joy in finding love so true
you cannot hear my longing plea
can’t find the voice to answer me
I watch you sobbing in your sleep
once more the tears begin to seep
I wish to comfort your despair
your tortured soul I would repair
but nothing that I try will halt
the sadness that your heart assaults
it breaks my heart to see you hurt
I wish to the past we could revert
where hand in hand we met the world
in joy and love our days unfurled
sadly those days have come to end
in time your broken heart will mend
so I sit helpless, wailful of your pain
convulsing in sorrow, crying in vain
I wish to hold you, comfort your fear
push back your hair, kiss dry the tear
but I can’t help you, stay your cry
who was to know that I would die

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