From my window, I stare at the clouds
trying to spot the various shapes I always find,
But all I see is your face
Your lovely picture on my mind.

Sometimes when I picture you,
In my arms being held close
is where I want you to be,
But this can never happen, as of now
you don’t feel this way yet for me

I’m ok with that; I’m patient because I know that
“Good things come to those who wait”,
Eventually we’ll be there and your heart I will elate.
It’s great to talk to you especially when I feeling so much lust,
But I know it won’t always be that way,
Neither can I tell you how I feel to much because I like it
and always want that feeling to stay.

Maybe turn into more than lust maybe even love
But that is definitely in the future
I’ll have so much to pour upon you and adorn
you with that it will be so comforting, relaxing,
and just plain wonderful,
You say where have you been all my life, I think we
make the perfect couple.

You will always be there for me
But now no more than a friend
And when I talk with you, changing of the
Subject when I bring up more of a relationship, is
What you tend.
I understand why that is. It’s better to take things slow
A day at a time
That way what develops is

When you were comforting me,
I remember, one sad night,
You touched me for the first time,
Touched my shoulders, really light.

When I found out that you liked me,
The heaven seemed to be on earth,
I waited for such a long time,
I was gifted with a day of mirth.

When you were kissing me,
Whom were you thinking about?
You were killing me inside,
But I didn’t bring the pain out.

And after walking with you so long,
Today, you throw our friendship away,
I feel so hurt and lonely,
But, you don’t feel this way

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