Passion Defined

Lovers eyes meet,
Deep breaths meet
lips wet with desire.
Satisfaction grows higher and higher.

What is passion meant to be
Anticipation of someone special?

Love growing inside.
Mr right!

Strong Desire

Every night you come by
While I think it’s to please me
I love it when I’m right!
No pretense, let’s do the same thing tonight
You say to me “I have something we can do”
It’s satisfying to both me and you”
I say ” is it sexual?”
You smile and say to me “relax sit back and trust me, it is mental –
Stimulation. Oops, I meant to say it’s more like pulsation!
You smile at me, followed by a wink!
As we do this thing, I began to think
Full of curiosity and anticipation, I close my eye
Kiss upon my lips ever so softly, what a surprise
I kissed you back and say do you like?
You look at me and smiled
I moan, you groan
I moan louder, you groan louder
You pull me down onto the floor
My heart is beating ever so fast, fast and loud it’s like a knock on the door
Calm down, I say to myself
This is one that you don’t want to forget
Me on my stomach
Him licking me all over
Making me burn, making me boil
Stay calm I say again damn it! Stay calm before you uncoil
The fun has just began
As his hands are now in my pants
Uuumm, calm down girl Damn it!
Eruption is beginning to form
That pleasurable bliss will soon be upon
Pants off and I feel the heat all over
Especially around my four leaf clover
Screams of pleasure are escaping me
I want you now, now please
He’s so eager to oblige
Thrust me on top and take me for a ride
I grit my teeth, as I’m controlling that stick
He yells to me, crack that whip
I say don’t worry baby, I got this things. Who’s Dick is this?
He say it’s yours sweetie, as he works my clit!
He can’t hold it
I can’t hold it!
Eruption is coming
Eruption is getting closer
It’s about to blow!
He says yes, I say no!
Not yet, hold it just for me
I want a couple more moments.. you see
Damn baby, you always like to go over the top
With yo shit!
This is my shit, I don’t want to STOP
As I moan deeper, he’s getting steeper
He’s pleased, I’m pleased…
Moans, groans coming at rapid succession
Dual eruption, blissful pleasure, ultimate satisfaction
I love it when I’m right!
Good night!

“Meal Time”

“Meal Time”

I’m in the kitchen with my guy making dinner
In the back of my mind I’m thinking this meal won’t make me thinner
Is this a part of his master plan, to plump me up like a Thanksgiving bird
Was he thinking this way no one else would want her, Word
No not my guy, he’s confident and he knows I’m crazy only for him
There’s no need for him to resort to such a prelim
I love when he cooks all these wonderfully delicious dishes
That my sense just unleashes
Emotional feeling so deep for him because my guy cooks with love
In conversations with friends and family his food is all I speak of
I brag about how he makes all these fantastic tasting meals
That contains ingredients so secret that I can’t reveal
His meals are so good an in my workds, “they’re orgasmic good”
Make the walls of your labial lip fold back and expose what is under the hood
You feel wet, moist and creamy between you thighs
That something as simple as a meal can make you rise
And hit that pleasure zone
Damn, that was surely unknown
As you sway and rock back and forth because the taste is so supreme
Mind blowing, breast clinching, pussy wetting, surely this has to be a dream
What in the hell, how could this be
A meal so wonderful as this can take me to esctasy
Have you ever experienced it
I’m sure if you had, you wouldn’t forget
My guy definitely pleases me mind, body and soul
He’s a talented SOB, let the truth be told
He pleasures me in ways you can’t imagine
I can be walking down the street and I have a fantasy
How this man touches me and inspires me emotionally, and physically
With him each day is like the first day of life as you devour his food and your taste buds are busy
Uumm, uumm, oohh,oh my GOD as you chew and savour each bite of his meal
Orgasim hits you and then you know this is definitely real
Did this just happen from food
Damn, I gues so, that’s why my guy is so umm umm good.

That’s what my meal times are like….
What about yours