Adult Book Store – Unsafe Sex

……she took the biggest thickest dildo off the wall she could find
it must have been 13 inches it reminded of a movie I had seen
earlier with John Holmes. She took me by the hand and told me
to follow her.  She lead me to the front door where she turned
the sign around and locked the door, then we proceeded to the rear
of the store.

We went into a room with a dim light and a bed in the center and a
chair in the corner.  She ordered me to sit it the corner.

The girl went to the center of the room and laid on the bed.
This girl was 5’6″,35-23-35,she weighed about 118 lbs and she was
a total fox.She was wearing a white shear blouse with no bra so I had
a perfect picture of her nice tits and she had the biggest nipples.
She also wore a blue skirt with a nice opening on the side that
showed her perfect thighs.

I was totally hot by now looking at this beautiful creature laying
on the bed with the giant tool in hand.

She told me to remove my clothes and she would do the same she
wanted to watch me jack-off as she played with her hot box.

Moments passed….

I was sitting in the corner naked and she was now naked laying on
the bed with her legs spread giving a perfect view of her natural
blond cunt and you could see the juices flowing.

She took the dildo and rubbed it all over her cunt and then proceeded
to put just the tip inside her.  She told me she was thinking about
having my cock inside her.  As I watched her play with the toy
it made my cock harder and I started rubbing it thinking about being
inside that hot pussy.

The girl then put at least half of the toy inside of her.
She said,”I am going to cum”.  I told her to wait for me.

Moments passed….

By now she had all thirteen inches inside of her and you could see
the juices all over the toy she really had it lubed up.

By now I was really pumping my dick and I was about to cum and
the girl told me to cum over to the bed and when I cum shoot all
over her tits and as I was pumping harder over her and she was really
sliding the toy we were both about ready to leave the planet.

I said, I am cumming and she gave me a better view of her tits and
I shot a giant load of cum all over her. She rubbed it into her tits
and rubbed some over her lips to taste this and she rubbed some over
the toy and continued to play and I was getting dressed she smiled
at me and said,”Isn’t that the best demo you have ever had”.
I smiled and said,”DAMN RIGHT, THE BEST……

I left the store with only the blond and the thirteen dildo on
my mind.

by Anonymous Author (c) 1995


Throughout this dell my love did glide
Beneath a flowery shrub or tree so wide she would linger and hide
Like an angel divine with a face so fine
Turquoise eyes, ruby lips her ivory skin did jade light shine
As down her neck, her black tresses did twine
With gating steps and a swing of the arms
Gleaming white gloves displayed her charms
Black jet hair, falling sleeves with an ample flare
High black boots, black skirt so short to see her fanny hairs
Curled around the lace, the seams of her panties fair.
To a flower she would bend or squat with legs well spread
Sheer white panties clutched pink swollen lips
As her skirt rose up her ample hips
Black tangled fleece would show beneath the shear white crease
Black pubes half hidden by flimsy silk strip of her panties
Her fanny one pink flower amongst many a floral bower,
Nestled in black curly silk.
From flower to shrub to herb to a myriad of things
She would bound around her arms like a birds wings
Her blouse a white chiffon engulfing her breast did house
Silver brocade entwined like leaves in a vine
Lacy patterns curling round her breasts divine
As she run hear there up everywhere
Her titties bounced, jellied mounts, as she did flounce
Around her neck down her back cascaded her raven black hair
Her tresses fair fell about and waved in the air
Over her shoulder it lay unbound
Black curly fleeces did her nipples surround
Turgid red nipples blood red and round
Her titties whiteness matched by the hair that lay upon
Beneath the chiffon they wobbled and shone.
With anguish high dread arose as from my sight my love did hide
I stood as gentle as a lamb then to a shrub did stealthy glide
Peered around and I will tell what struck my eye.
With her skirt hitched up and around her ankles her panties displayed
Into a flower garden, onto her back as she laid
Soft fingers spread wide her cunt’s lips with her legs well splayed
Soft fingers spread wide her cunt’s lips and into the air a silvery stream did spray
Betwixt her cunt’s lips a torrent did gush, liquid silver flowed out with a hiss and a rush
Oh what a sight as in the light and to a prodigious height
A rainbow spread wide from her gushing fount twit a hairy mount
A moons crescent a silvery arc streaking the air in the fragrant park
Yellows, blues, reds, sparkled over the flower beds
Multiple hues glisten shimmery bright
As a shower of liquid light bejeweled each flower to her left and right
Liquid crystals pearly bright spread beneath the rainbows light
Covering the flowers in a carpet of fiery light.
A necklace of pearls laced the flowers, the herbs,the golden bowers
Each liquid world within its shimmering pearl
Mirrored, refracted, reflected the others glistening pool.
Oh what a sight as sprinkled down light
Splattered about, hear, there, round about
Danced in the air, in her hair, hear, there, over there
Up down all around glistening colors gamboled around
Myriad hues in the droplets bright
Flashed on the flowers covering the ground.

Author – unknown


Up under the dress slow languid creep
as musky oil from the pouting slit into panties doth seep
Soft touch doth rise up over wet smooth silky thighs
midst soft moan and liquid sigh
Damp gusset spread
revealing the bud’s pink throbbing head
beneath tangled hair
luxuriant, moist and golden fair
Flesh on flesh raising breaths on breaths,
tender fingers the cunt’s swollen lips do fondle
the pearly bud feather-like caress, prod, and enter the gaping cleft
Middle fingers drink long and deep,
lips furled round that which it longs to keep,
inner lips outer lips with prodigious might
cling to the digits jelly fish-like.
Fingers thrum, thrust, gyrate and stir,
midst squelch, moan and soft purr,
the hollow becomes ablaze with swirling light
globes glisten and gleam, golden bright be-speckling the pubes like stars in the night
Fluids gush, spasms tight,
passions fires, rippling desires,
fanny suck, fingers crush,
heaving breaths gasp as lust dissipates and expires.

A Very Memorable Birthday Party

I had come home from an out-of-town consulting trip, weary of
travelling and looking forward to a quiet evening at home with my
wife.  My drive home from the airport was long and uneventful,
and only served to further tire an already tired body.  I was
sincerely looking forward only to a good night’s sleep.

When I arrived home I was in for a most pleasant shock.  I pulled
into the garage and went to the front door as usual, my luggage
in hand.  To my surprise, I was greeted there by my nude wife,
Shiela, and by an even bigger surprise inside.

We belong to a nudist society, and have enjoyed it for a number
of years now.  We have even had a few nudist parties at our home.
Unknown by me, my darling wife had arranged a nude birthday party
for me!  And what a party!

About twenty of our closest (and barest friends) were there, and
were already well on their way to having a good time.  It was
fairly late by my clock–about 11PM, but these people tend to be
a late group, and were just beginning to warm up.  As I found
out, they had been drinking beer and wine for a couple of hours,
and most of them were very loose.

The evening began with a striptease–mine.  The eleven women that
were there had all agreed to strip me when I arrived home, and it
was all I could do to remain civilized (i.e., flaccid).  Once
nude, I was ushered by my wife into the kitchen, where a very
strong frozen Margarita awaited.  While I quickly drank down the
cold tequila, I explored the rest of the house as my lovely wife
headed for our media room.

Since we live out in the country, many people are reluctant to
stay very late, as the drive back to civilization can be quite
lengthy.  To solve this problem, my wife had invited all our
friends to sleep over, so most of our guests had brought sleeping
bags for the evening.  Things were beginning to get very
interesting, indeed.

While most of the house was filled with mellow people enjoying
good drinks, good smoke, and lively conversation, one room in
particular caught my attention.  Behind a closed door in the
media room, about a half-dozen people were avidly caught up in
our collection of XXX-rated movies on our big-screen TV.  I
whispered hello and walked into the darkened room, shutting the
door behind me and sat down on a large pillow in front of the
television.  Once my eyesight adjusted to the dark, the view was
something to behold.

There were seven people in the room, watching some lithe and
well-tanned actors on the television gently manipulating each
others genitals in every possible way.  The three couples in the
room were doing their level-best to keep up with the action on
the screen, while my wife–sitting down beside me on the pillow–
shot me a wicked grin.  On the large television screen, a young
blonde was doing her best to swallow one of the more well-endowed
actors in his magnificent entirety.  Her shiny lips slipped wetly
up and down the length of an enormously erect and gorgeous cock.
The three other couples in the room were attempting to duplicate
the action on the television.  Watching three gorgeous women
sucking three very large cocks was an incredible turn-on.  My
wife Shiela smiled sweetly at me and kissed me wetly, and then
got up from floor beside me to open the door.  I could see her
gently beckon to someone in the other room.

Two of our friends, Marcia and Linda, were soon in the room,
where they and Shiela sank to the floor beside me.  Sheila is a
brunette, 5’4″ with smallish breasts and a firm ass, while Marcia
is a beautiful red-head with very large breasts and huge, pink
nipples.  Linda was a natural blonde–all over–with the supple
figur feeling sorry for myself for a couple of weeks for
being “over the hill,” Shiela had talked Marcia and Linda into
making my birthday a very special one.

Both Marcia and Linda began by kissing me on and about the face,
while Shiela began somewhat lower.  She took my semi-soft penis
into her mouth, and gently sucked on it until it was as hard as a
rock–which naturally didn’t take long.  As my cock swelled to
its fullest proportions, Marcia pressed her large breasts into my
face, while Linda began sucking my nipples.  I experienced a
rushing feeling that I had never felt before!  My entire body
felt as if it were on fire.

While I gently sucked on Marcias’ ample breasts, Linda
reciprocated by licking and pinching my nipples, while Shiela
manipulated my rock-hard cock by sliding it in and out of her
succulent lips.  I was delirious with pleasure as the other
couples in the room shifted so that they could watch us.  They
must have enjoyed what they were watching, because in moment they
joined us as well…

I was in sexual heaven.  Two wonderful sets of female lips were
sucking on my nipples, as they themselves were being eaten by
their mates.  Two of the other women in the room were taking
turns offering their ample breasts to my mouth while their lovers
took a brief break to watch the action.  Meanwhile, my wife
Shiela was busy sucking my love shaft, while the remaining two
women licked my scrotum and gently fingered my ass!

Needless to say, it didn’t take me long to ejaculate what felt
like a quart of semen deep into my wife’s throat.  As she gently
licked the last remains of come from the tip of my cock, I laid
back and accepted hugs from the entire group.

This wasn’t the end of the evening by any means, but that is
another story altogether…

The End…for now!

David H. (c) 1991

A Wedding Day

Pete was a gorgeous guy who had his pick of women. I fact, he
usually picked more than one of them. This may not seem like a problem to
some, but I’m sure his wife wouldn’t have been to happy to find out. As
for me, I was more limited in opportunities. But I knew I would never
have to worry about ‘picking’ again was I was soon to have my own wife.

Her name was Michelle, and with an unlimited pick of women, I
would have chose her. She was beautiful, soft, and sexy. I wondered how I
had landed a girl whose medium-length blonde hair glowed in the sun,
whose face captivated the eyes of every man who beheld it, whose breasts
turned heads with their side-to-side bobbing as she walked. She was
incredible, and soon to be my wife.

Michelle had told me something of Pete, and the only time they
had ever met. It was at a party, and Michelle told me she knew the
instant she saw him she was going to fuck him. (This was when we first
met, before we started dating. I don’t think I could have handled this
after I fell in love with her.)

“I  wasn’t the prettiest girl there.” she had explained to me.
“So I knew I would have to be the most aggressive.” I don’t think any man
could resist her aggression.

Michelle continued. “I went into the bathroom, and was going to
tell Carry (her best friend) about him. Her first words were ‘Oh my God!
Did you see that babe!’ My answer was ‘Hell Yes! Oh how I want to fuck
him!” Carry smiled at me and told me she saw him looking at me, or more
specifically, my breasts.”

At this point, I too looked at her tits. She caught me. “It’s Ok.
I know I have large breasts. Anyway, in the bathroom I undid the top
buttons on my blouse, to show off some cleavage. I had to redo the last
one because my bra was showing. Carry stopped me. ‘Take off the bra,
Michelle.’ I paused, then agreed. I was sooo excited I might have gone
out there topless. I took off my shirt and bra, noticed Carry staring at
my chest jealously, then put my shirt back on. I only buttoned just more
than half of the buttons. I practiced my leans, knowing what move would
hide my assets, what moves would create cleavage down past my breasts,
and what lean-overs would grant Pete a perfect view of my breasts,
nipples and all. I then went to conquer.”

She went on. “I don’t think Pete looked at another girl the rest
of the night. Then again, he didn’t look at MY face much, either. We
played cards with some other people, and slowly the crowd dissipated.
Soon we were playing Blackjack, just the two of us. We were playing for
fun, but I knew everytime I leaned over the table to pick up the cards,
he was having some EXTRA fun. I started losing, badly. He joked about
needing someone good to play with. I offered to raise the stakes. He
asked how. I said, name his stakes. He smiled, looked directly at my
rather uncovered breasts, and said, ‘They’ve been staring at me all night
long.’ Then he looked at me. ‘If you lose… I get to feel your breasts.
If you don’t accept my stakes, I’ll find someone else to play with.’ I

I listened to her tell me the story, my swelling cock telling me
how I could arrange such a game! Michelle continued. “He dealt me a 10. I
said ‘Hit.” He dealt me a 4. I said ‘Hit.” He dealt me a 6. I said ‘Hit.’
He dealt me a queen. I said ‘Feel.’ I ran my fingers down my breasts,
ready to open my blouse for him. The someone popped in the room and said,
‘Pete, your wife is on the phone.’ He looked very disappointed! So did I.
So DID I! I was gone before I came back.”

That’s where the story ended. I had forgotten about it quickly as
I fell deeply in love with Michelle. Her breasts were well worth Pete’s
attention, and I saw to it they didn’t go neglected. But she was so much
more than her tits. She was funny, intelligent, and god, I loved her. I
never thought about Pete again, until two days before our wedding night.
He had called Michelle, and asked her for sex. He said He was sorry, and
that he was now divorced. He wanted to fuck her so bad that night and he
couldn’t bear the thought of her getting married without sucking her
awesome titties and feeling his cock in her warm wet cunt (his exact
words.) Naturally, I was pissed! But Michelle calmed me by saying she
told him NO! flat out. Since we were moving after the wedding, I figured
we wouldn’t hear from him again.

The wedding day came, and I was in heaven. Michelle was
absolutely radiant. Her gown was stunning, right down o the little peek
of cleavage. The day wizzed by in a blur, the only things I remembered
were saying “I do.”, kissing her deeply, and whispering into her ear,
“You are my  life.” I didn’t notice the faces around us, or the trip in
the limo, or the reception dinner. I just thought about Michelle, how
much I loved her, and how I was going to make love to her as my WIFE for
the first time. I didn’t notice the DJ, didn’t notice the dancing, didn’t
notice Michelle leaving our table with an extremely attractive man…

Michelle stood in the hallway.

“I can’t. I CAN’T! I’m married now!”

“God, oh god I want to fuck you!”

“Pete, it’s not going to happen!”

“I want to rip that dress off of you. All I can see is your naked
body in my mind…”

“Shh! Quiet! I’m married, damn it! Don’t let people hear you say
things like that!”

“Fine!” Pete took her by the arm and led her into one of the
church’s rooms that was currently unused. He took her by the hands
inside, where she leaned against a desk.

“I want you Michelle. I know you want me, too. You were flashing
me your tits that entire god damned night! You were going to fuck me that
night, and you know it!”

“That was then Pete! That’s ancient history!”

“Say it, say you were going to fuck me!”


Pete leaned closer, and moved his hand to her right breast.
Michelle flinched, but didn’t move. “Say it”

She hesitated. He eyes looked down. “I was going to fuck you.”

He pressed against her, twirling his finger over the smooth curve
of her dress. “Then fuck me now, let me touch you, taste you, fill you.”

“No. It can’t happen. I don’t want it to happen.”

“Then why did you send me an invitation?”

Michelle turned her head away. She bit her lip. Pete began
stroking her hair with his right hand, and caressing her breast with his
left. He pressed his right leg in between hers.

“You want me, don’t you?” Pete said smiling. “It’s ok. It’s Ok..”
he cooed. “You want me…”

Michelle turned her head back to face him. Tears were streaming
down her eyes. She nodded.

“You never forgot me, did you?”

She shook her head.

“Fuck me.”

She nodded.

Pete leaned her against the desk, then went to his knees. His
hands found their way under the wedding dress, and worked up her legs.
Michelle tilted her head back, her eyes till streaming. Pete lifted the
dress over her head, and began kissing the garter. He slid his tongue
underneath and around it. He clenched it with his teeth, pulling it
upward. He moved it up her thigh, pausing to kiss the soft flesh. Michele
began to moan softly, she wiped away her tears, and placed her arms on
Pete’s shoulders. Pete used his hand to slid the garter the rest of the
way. As it reached its apex, he pulled out from her dress. His hand moved
over, and began rubbing her cunt.

His other free hand pulled the dress up. Michele leaned back onto
the desk, her dress now above her waist. Her panties were now visible, as
was Pete’s hand pressing into the indentation of her cunt. The panties
were simply a piece of white, shimmering silk connected by thin silky
strands that tied at her hips.

“Uhhhh.” Michele moaned as his fingers pressed her clit through
the silk. “UHHH!” he pressed harder. He then reached behind her, seeking
the zipper of her dress. Michelle leaned forward, pressing her breasts
into him. She sought a kiss, but his head went past her. She sucked on
his ear instead. Pete found the zipper, and pulled it down. Michelle
pulled back, and wiggled her arms from the sleeves as Pete pulled the
fabric down. Here breasts bared themselves in one glorious movement. Her
dress was now completely around her waist, her tits still jiggling from
the motion, her cunt-soaked panties and length of her legs still visible.
Pete took what her could of her breasts into his hands. They seemed even
larger in the nude. He watched the shape change as he kneaded them. He
massaged them, caressed them, and sucked them as Michele’s eyes still
wept. Her cries were mixed with moans. Pete pinched and nibbled her erect
nipples as he slightly humped her.

“Do it. Do it!” She breathed.

“You want me to fuck you?”

“Yes, just do it!”

Pete stepped back, and dropped his pants. As preparation, he wore
no underwear. “Oh God!” Michelle noticed his roughly 9 inch cock. Pete
pressed his cock against her panties, against the indentation of her

“Do it!” She cried again. Her tears were stronger now.

Pete smiled. “No. Undo your panties.”

“What? No. Just do it!” she wailed. Somehow, if HE fucked her, it
wouldn’t be as bad.

“Undo your panties.”

She hesitated, and again bit her lip. Pete pressed his cock
harder. Michele flat out started balling. The tears poured down her face
as she debated the situation. Once last chance to stop. One last chance
to honor her husband and their marriage. One last chance to fuck Pete.

She wept as her hands went to her waist, and untied the straps.
She lifted the silk from her cunt, and let it drop to the floor. Pete
pressed his cock against her bare opening.

“Do it!” She cried.

Pete took her hand, and placed it on his penis. “You do it.”

“Oh God!” She closed her eyes. The tears still crept out as Pete
grinned broadly. She couldn’t fight. No more resistence could enter her
mind. She moved her hand to the base of his cock, and at once tugged it
down and moved her hips upward.

“Ohh yeah!” Pete breathed. “Again”

Michelle repeated the procedure. “Ohhh!” replaced her cry.

Pete took over, and began pounding her cunt ferociously. They
moaned loudly together as he , still dressed in his tux minus the pants,
rammed his cock into her still wedding-clothed body. Her breasts bounced
with each thrust. He held her at the waist, and drove his penis into her
with force and speed.

The door opened.

Both of them looked towards the opening. A little boy stood in
the doorway.

“Oh No! Oh no! Stop! Stop Pete!”

“No way!” Pete’s body continued to pulse into her. “I’m fucking
you. I’m FUCKING you!” His penis continued to slide in and out of her,
glistening with her juice.

Michelle continued to moan, and couldn’t bring herself to stop
either. She should have wondered who the boy was. Would he tell? But all
she could think of was Pete’s cock in her cunt, filling and satisfying
her. She knew she was going to fuck him. She had always wished she had
stayed that night. He was SO hot! Whether he had a wife or not, she had
to fuck him. Whether she was a wife or not, she had to fuck him.

As his body flinched and his penis released its semen, she knew
she had. They humped a little more. The boy was still watching. She
pulled Pete close, trying to kiss him. But he moved his mouth to her left
nipple. She wanted an orgasm. She fucked him, and now had his cum
dripping from her cunt. She deserved an orgasm!

Pete stepped back. “I think I here them paging you!”

“Oh shit!” Michelle sat up, hurredly pulling her dress down. “Zip
me up!”

Pete zipped her up, and she quickly ran out of the room.

I watched my bride come from the hallway. She seemed hurried, but
I wondered little of where she was. It was time for the garter toss. I
smiled as I planned to sneak that thing up to her crotch. She let me pick
out the wedding night panties. I wanted a preview!

Michelle seemed dazed as the DJ pulled out a chair and sat her in
it. The music started, and she seemed really nervous! She must have
thought I would really embarrass her!

“Let’s not do this now!” She whispered to me as I kissed her.

“It will be ok.” I said, and went to the floor.

I lifted up her dress, enough to show on camera, but not to
reveal too much. Wait… where’s the garter?

I had hiked the dress up quite aways. No garter. I looked towards
Michelle, but the dress blocked my view of her face. I lowered it some,
realizing she must have it ‘too high’ for the world to see. The light was
dim, but I could clearly see her thigh under the fabric. I moved my head
up. No garter…

No panties.

Confusion set in. Then horror. There, dripping from her precious,
beautiful, tight, wonderful cunt… was cum.

Cum. It could only be cum… it could only be sperm. I pulled my
head instantly out of her dress and looked at her. She was crying.

“Where’s the garter?’ someone yelled.

I looked around in a panic. I saw a little boy hold up the

“Here it is! There was a man on her and they were naked.”

A hush fell over the guests. The boy held out his other hand. “Do
you need these, too?”

Her panties.

I could see how wet they were from here. Gasps and whispers rose
from the crowd.

Michelle buried her face in her hands, sobbing.

I stood up, looked at no one, and walked to the guest book. No
one said a word as I flipped through the pages. No one said a word as I
left the church.

If there is one image burnt in my memory besides my wife’s
cum-dripping pussy, it is the last page I saw that night. The page that
bore the name Pete.


by Storysman – (c) 1997

A Typical Scene (M-dom / F-sub)

It started on the couch, as it often does.

A little snuggling during a commercial, and soon we both lost
interest in the TV, so off it went. We kissed, first quick
light kisses, then deeper, more insistent. He gently
massaged my breasts beneath my t-shirt, through my bra,
lightly tweaking my nipples, “waking them up” as we call it.

And so it went, for a little while, friendly, cuddly
necking, laughing, teasing, as we each got aroused. Then,
almost as a signal, he simultaneously bit my neck, lightly
but hard enough to hurt, and pinched my nipple tightly
between his fingers. Suddenly the mood changed. I felt a
wave of apprehension, which was quickly overwhelmed by a
sudden insistent desire, a sharp contrast to the gentle
arousal I felt moments felt. My body tensed in anticipation.

He quickly disentangled himself from my now limp arms, and
stood before me. I sat up straight on the center of the
couch, with my eyes lowered to the floor. My mind was
already racing ahead to what would happen next, excited and
nervous. I should know better; trying to anticipate only
distracts me from now, and I never know what He is going to

He put his finger under my chin, and I looked up into His
eyes. “Are you my submissive?” He asked, seriously. I knew
this would be the last time He asked for my consent that
night, and that knowledge filled me again with that strange
mixture of apprehension and desire. Once I gave my consent,
I was his, to do whatever he wished with. What would he do?
I paused, for I never answer this question lightly, and then
breathed “yes”. He smiled His approval, and I felt suddenly
that I wanted nothing more than His approval. Once again I
lowered my eyes.

He instructed me to sit still, close my eyes, and not to
move until he returned. He went into the bedroom, and
immediately, against my better judgement, I started
anticipating. Will it hurt? Will I please Him? What will he
tell me to do? I heard the door to the “toy cabinet” open
and my thoughts returned to the present, as I feel the area
between my legs start to tingle.

His absence was frustrating, but, thankfully, short. He
came back into the room, but I keep my eyes closed, as
instructed.  “Hands behind your head, shoulders back,
breasts out,” He commanded. Even fully dressed as I was,
that position always makes me feel vulnerable. It’s His
favorite position, because it makes my breasts accessible
from all angles. He stepped around behind the couch,
standing directly behind me, and reached over my shoulders
to rub my breasts. He squeezed them roughly, and pulled at
my nipples. I know He enjoys this, and He knows I enjoy it.
My breathing started to speed up, and I thrust my chest out
more, to his rough hands.

He stopped suddenly, and I gasped. He paused, and I
wondered what was going on? Did I displease Him? Was I too
eager? Is He upset, I wonder, and I feel my arousal begin to
drop. Then I feel the tip of the riding crop gently
caressing my cheek, and I was soaring again! I smiled, for
then I knew he was not upset; I have pleased and I am happy.

The crop moved to my breasts, teasing them occasionally
with light taps, and once again I had to force myself not to
anticipate. Even as I was performing this mental exercise,
He lifted the crop and swung it down hard, across both
breasts. The pain was not immediate, but took a few seconds
to sink in, and swell to agony. I groaned with pain, gritted
my teeth, and felt my eyes fill with tears. Briefly, doubt
and fear crossed my mind, and I had to quell the urge to
yell “Stop!” (we don’t use code-words. “Stop” means stop.
But once I say “stop”, that’s it. He will stop, but won’t
start again that evening.) But almost instantly that urge
was replaced by a desire so strong I wondered how I could
have hesitated. My trust in Him is total. I relaxed with the
knowledge that He would never hurt me, and let the pain soak
through my body, lighting up each nerve as it traveled
through my body, resting eventually as a hot aching feeling
in my groin.

He instructed me to open my eyes, stand, and follow him
into the bedroom. My breasts still throbbed in pain, and
this kept my mind firmly on the present, wonderfully, so
that I did not anticipate. As I was walking, I found that I
was hyper-aware, noticing every detail of my body, and His,
and our surroundings. He lay down on the bed, and I stood in
my traditional spot next to Him, head bowed, hands clasped
behind my back. He told me to go to the end of the bed and
remove my clothes, slowly and in such a way that he would
enjoy watching. I removed one piece at a time, wiggling and
thrusting as I know he likes. He smiled at me, and I know it
meant I was beautiful. I feel beautiful, when I make him
happy, when it’s so clear he desires me.

When I finish he told me to look in the mirror. Already
appearing on my breasts were two “kisses” — two perfectly
symmetrical oval bruises, the size of half dollars, bright
red but turning blue slowly. “A gift”, He says, and I
realize he is standing behind me, looking in the mirror at
me. I cherish the sight of his mark on me, and savor the
still lingering pain, and am so happy. I knew those bruises
would be there a long time, to remind me that I was His.

Still standing behind me, He reached around me and wrapped
the collar around my neck. I smiled, ecstatic. The collar
has special meaning for me — it’s mine, and I am His. He
turned me around, and gently kissed and sucked each nipple,
and rubbed his fingers lightly across the bruises.

He told me to remove His clothes, which I did carefully
but quickly. All the while I found myself brushing up
against His hard penis, and getting unbearably excited. The
pain in my breasts had pretty much subsided, so once again
it was difficult to concentrate.

When He was left only with His underwear, I knelt down
before Him to remove them, and then stayed there, looking up
at Him. He knew what I wanted, and smiled at me. He held my
head firmly in His hands and guided my mouth toward His
penis. I took it eagerly! Oh, to have Him entering me! I go
down on him with all my enthusiasm, and His gasps of
pleasure were music to my ears. Each indication that I was
pleasing him sent a wave of pleasure through me. Every now
and then he reached down and pinched my nipples, and I
increased the tempo in response to my own increasing
arousal. I was fairly dripping!

All too soon, he stopped me with a motion of his hand. His
breathing was hard and his face was flushed, and I knew that
I had excited Him. I smiled to myself, proud to be able to
have such an effect on Him, but of course, I do not let it

He returned to His position on the bed, and I returned to
mine next to Him. He told me to get the wrist cuffs out of
the toy cabinet, behind me, and put them on my wrists. I got
them, and struggled to put them on, even though I had done
this many times before. He offered to help me and I was
overjoyed! To feel His hands firmly tightening my bonds…He
is so in control. I felt an urge to drop to my knees, but
resisted. Although I would have liked to give over control
of my body to Him, I knew that He wanted me to do this
myself; it’s my job, so I stay on my feet and finish putting
them on. He told me also to put the ankle cuffs on, and I
managed to do this without help, as much as I would have
liked Him to help me.

He instructed me to stand at the end of the bed, again,
and this time he followed. He got two wooden bars out of the
cabinet, each with metal rings at the end. The shorter one,
about 3 feet long, he attached to the wrist cuffs, each cuff
clipped to one of the rings. The longer one (about 4 feet)
attached to the ankle cuffs. My legs were spread wide enough
to make me feel very exposed, but not uncomfortable. He
lifted the bar between my wrists, and hung it from a hook in
the ceiling, so that I was forced to stand up straight, but
had enough leeway to lean into the bonds without being
suspended, keeping my feet flat on the floor.

He stepped back and watched me, spread eagle in front of
Him, and smiled. “What am I going to do with you now?” He
asked in mock confusion. I had some ideas on the subject,
but I didn’t mention them, of course — I knew that He had
His own ideas, and I got even more excited thinking about
what they might be. First He stepped forward, and caressed
my breasts with His warm, firm hands. He caressed me all
over, kissing my nipples.

Then He stepped back to the cabinet and took out the
blindfold, and slipped it over my head. He knows I prefer
not being able to see — it helps keep me from
anticipating, helps me concentrate on the feelings in my
body, and on His voice and instructions. It also means He
can get out the toys without my being able to know what He’s
going to do until He does it.

Again he paused, and just as I started to worry, I felt
the caress of leather against my belly, many thin strips of
I knew that sensation: He had the cat out. I gasped, both in
pleasure at the soft, smooth, almost ticklish feel of the
cat rubbed against my skin, and in anticipation of its use.

Of course, He did not disappoint. Momentarily, I felt Him
pull back His arm, and felt the familiar sharp sting against
my left breast.  Knowing His passion for symmetry, I knew
exactly where the next blow would fall.

The blows were light, I knew he was warming me up. Unlike
the crop, the pain from the cat is sharp and quick; one
bite, and then it’s gone. The skin under the blow got very
hot, though. He continued to whip my breasts, for a few more
blows, each of them harder than the previous one, and then
He caressed the red, hot, sore skin. The pain of the blows
was delicious, so here, now, all I could think about, I was
seeing red behind my eyelids. But even better was the way
His hands cooled the hot skin, then, drawing the pain out.

And then He returned to whipping. My breasts, my thighs,
my legs, but always careful to avoid my face, my neck, my
groin. Soon the whole front of my body felt like it was on
fire. I was no longer thinking about what had happened, or
what was going to happen. All I could think about was the
sharp touch of the whip, alternated with the cool relief of
His hands. My awareness of the world started to fade, and I
was seeing flashes of light behind the blindfold. The
burning on my skin amplified the burning between my legs.
But the pain was also growing…and just when I thought I
couldn’t take it any more, He stopped.

During the pause, as the pain faded, I noticed the
coolness of sweat evaporating off my face, in sharp contrast
to the heat elsewhere. My breath was coming in ragged gasps.
No longer was I worried about what he would do, whether He
was pleased with me (I knew He was!), or anything else in
the whole world. I am filled with desire and heat and fading

After what felt like an eternity (but was probably only a
few minutes) He caressed my breasts again, and teased my
nipples with his tongue. Then He sucked hard on one, making
the nipple stand out straight, and then He put the C-clamp
on it, tightening just to the point where the pain starts.
He did the same to the other, and then hugged me closely,
pressing the clamps into me, and stretching the nipples. “Do
you like what I am doing?” He asks. All I can do is gasp
“Yes.” “Good,” He says, “because I am going to continue.”
This promise sends a new wave of arousal through me, and I
moan and shiver. Although I can’t see it, I am sure he is

He turned me around, so my back was facing him. He
caressed my whole back with the smooth, cool leather of the
cat. Then, suddenly, He struck again. As with the front, He
started slowly, continually building, and often stopping to
caress the skin under the blows. The whipping settled into a
kind of rhythm, with a slowly but steadily increasing tempo.
I moaned, and swayed with the tempo, putting most of my
weight on the cuffs on my wrists.

He saw that I was becoming incredibly excited, so he
reached to the front, and tightened the nipples clamps.
Somehow though, it didn’t increase my pain, only sensation
and pleasure. In fact, as He continued to whip me, I notice
the pain became instead just a throbbing heat, and short
sharp sensations. I felt giddy and dizzy, fading in and out
of awareness. He reached around me and between my legs,
braced his palm against my clit and slipped a finger inside
me. With the other hand, he continued to whip my back, and
with this additional stimulation it took me only moments to
come — I moaned, and twisted, pushed my clit to his hand,
yelled and gasped, resting just about all my weight from the
bar overhead.

Suddenly there was no pain at all; only heat and throbbing
and light and wetness. Every touch of the whip sent me
further into ecstasy, and I arched my back, stretching my
breasts in an effort to increase the pressure in the clamps.
The world ceased to exist — there was only me and Him and
the whip, and the hot pleasure in my nipples, back and

When it was over, I hung there, gasping, and He quickly
removed the clamps, which rapidly return to pain as I regain
awareness of reality. He slipped off the blindfold,
unclipped the cuffs from the bar at my feet, and then lifted
down the upper bar and unclipped that too. Then He gently
led me to the bed, and gratefully I lay down, basking in the
relaxation, feeling my skin, still hot and tender, on the
cool sheets.

Then, still quivering from the orgasm, I remembered the
required count:
“One sir, may I have another?” I asked, praying his answer
would be “yes”. “You may,” he said quietly, “You will.” And
then, as He gently rubbed my breasts and belly, I felt the
desire ignite again, and I looked up at Him, and He


(c) 1996

Healed and Moved On!

It used to be really hard and emotional for me to look at these pictures of my superman and I since we are no longer together after 4 years. A very traumatic experience for me.

I have healed and can look at these and laugh and smile and know that I am in a good place. I am happy for him, as I know that our relationship was a catalyst to transformation for him.

I wish only love and happiness for him. I have moved on with my life. While I have no one new in it, I needed to cleanse my life of all the pains and hurt of this relationship.

I am doing great things with my life. I am training as a fitness model, have a successful career, successful real estate investment business and a thriving computer consulting company. So while I needed to heal from this relationship, I also had to go back and find me.

I did put school on hold once again, but I could not do it all! However, on hold does not mean forgotten. I am a DOER and not a TALKER! I will finish my psychology degree within the next year.

Love healed and moving on! So please enjoy the posts of our life. The words we shared with each other. Some good and some not so good. I can look at them now, and reflect with an open mind and heart. I see his pain, and see how I hurt him. I can look read these and see them from his point of view now.

What an amazing Aha moment, as I read these. One thing is true… There is his side, my side and the truth, which is somewhere in between.

Please enjoy, and learn what you can from our letters of love and pain! I have….

For the pain I caused you Superman I am sorry!